#14 Brian Tam, Part 2

How a young English teacher from New Jersey built one of the leading innovation practices in Shanghai by focusing on the next 100 years of innovation in China.

Brian leads corporate innovation teams in China. Since founding Let’s Make Great! in 2013, he has worked with dozens of early-stage teams to systematically develop new products, services, and brands.

In addition to regular speeches at conferences like TEDx and PechaKucha, Brian has written over 400 articles on creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Furthermore, in 2017 he led the creation of PROTO, a successfully crowd-funded storytelling game to inspire innovators.

Whether through one-day workshops or a 6-month incubation program, the goal is the same: to help inexperienced corporate teams work through the creative chaos and come out
the other side with a fresh solution. From user research to rapid-prototyping and business-modeling, Brian leads a multi-disciplinary team at Let’s Make Great!, which guides clients through a step-by-step strategic exploration process.

Born in New York and proudly raised in New Jersey, Brian came to Shanghai in 2007 to drive the dynamic changes that were starting to take hold. An avid cyclist, he is currently preparing to cross Europe.
  • CEO, Founder of Let’s Make Great!
  • Author, “AwrignawlCreativity” 
  • 3x TEDx speaker
  • Creator, PROTO innovation cards
  • Board of Directors, Hands-OnShanghai

What you'll learn in this episode
  • How to build a successful innovation practice (aka Creative Consultancy).
  • Why standing for something is so important and how it's worked out for Brian.
  • What the next 100 years of innovation in China (might) look like.

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