#18 The State of Retail Innovation With Carl Boutet

Carl Boutet is an experienced retail executive with a deep understanding of the shifting business dynamics we are facing.

For the past 25+ years, Carl has worked directly with both global & independent retailers. He has owned and operated his own retail chain with 65 locations across Canada. Now, he brings that expertise globally with a particular interest in Asia, LATAM, and other emerging markets.

Today, much of his time is invested better understanding how the combinations of good design, relevant data, and empowering technologies to create better business outcomes, i.e., understanding the customer need first then considering the strategic options to better meet them.

Carl advises retail labs, start-ups & industry associations, often bridging the gap between new entrants and incumbents.

He also frequently keynotes events for the retail industry focusing on strategy/innovation/experience/data/technology & design.

[00:01:33] The state of retail innovation
[00:03:28] The good thing about panic and what retailers will learn from it
[00:07:54] A playbook to pave the pave out of this mess
[00:10:48] Should I build an innovation lab...?
[00:27:49] What to focus on as an innovation professional

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/carlboutet/
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