#2 Adrian Rubstein

A conversation with Adrian Rubstein, Innovation Manager for LATAM and Argentina at Merck Group, about what it takes to drive innovation within a large organization and why it's important to always stay curious.

Driving innovation in large organizations is not easy (and that's an understatement). These organizations were not built to innovate. They are typically slow, hierarchical, fixed in mindset, and risk-averse. On the other hand, these organizations know that they must innovate in order to stay not just relevant but alive.

How do you balance these two opposing mindsets? That's where the Innovation Manager comes in.

On the show today, Adrian shares his journey to the role of an Innovation Manager - what brought there and more importantly, what keeps him there. Griding day after day, chipping away at the built-in resistance to change and celebrating small wins.

Adrian shares with us actionable, battle-tested advice on how to succeed as an innovation manager in a large organization. You don't want to miss this episode!

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